Could the Maya Have Made a Cameo in Ancient Egypt?

Could the Maya Have Made a Cameo in Ancient Egypt? GLOBAL SEAFARING CULTURE It has long been held that a global seafaring culture was an impossibility until recent centuries. But what if there was some compelling evidence to support the idea that there was some contact made between the ancient land of Khemit and the…

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Did The Dogon Culture of West Africa Breakaway from Ancient Egypt With Scientific Knowledge?


The Dogon Sirius Mystery Did the Dogon culture of Mali, in West Africa Breakaway from Ancient Egypt With Scientific Knowledge? In recent years, much information about the ancients has circulated online, some of which is ill-informed and on the other hand, some of which may be shockingly accurate. One of the most controversial topics in…

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The Olmecs of Mexico: African, Asian, or Extra-Terrestrial?

Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools ep4 Olmecs

THE RUBBER PEOPLE One of the most controversial topics in archaeology is the origin of the Olmecs. Predating the Maya, Inca and Aztec cultures that dominated Mexico, Central and South America, the Olmecs have been widely overlooked in their contributions to the later indigenous cultures that built their civilizations there. Advanced calendar systems, maps of…

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The Cycle of Time: How Holy Mother of the Christ is connected to the Shadow of Thutmoses III


TIME’S LOST SECRETS What many don’t know is that the Egyptians had two chronological documents that suggest a longer history that is currently accepted. There is a stone tablet called the Palermo Stone because it is housed in Palermo and the other is the Turin papyrus, which is a very Fragmented scroll. Based on the…

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The Egyptian Pharoah that Changed the Course of History


THE FATHER OF ROSICRUCIANISM Thutmoses III is widely considered a military genius by historians. He was without a doubt a skilled warrior king, who captured 350 cities during his rule. He conquered much of the near East, from the Euphrates to Nubia. 17 years of military expeditions were transcribed onto the walls of the temple…

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Napoleon, the Brotherhood, and an Egyptian Rumor

Egypt Mystery Schools ep1 John Anthony West

A RUMOR IS BORN The nose on the grand Sphinx in Giza is broken. Legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte, in his crusade throughout Europe and into Egypt, stopped with his troops in Giza. There he used a cannonball to blow the nose of the Sphinx off. But history doesn’t report some of the lesser…

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Initiation Process – What is a Mystery School?

Mystery School - aems 5

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE HIDDEN TEACHINGS OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOL TRADITIONS For thousands of years, initiates have examined the meanings of sacred texts said to hold the secret path toward ascension. But how can we decipher these often enigmatic phrases and symbols? Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, Michael Maier are but a few of the many…

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